Our Story

Welcome to the world of Fierce Petite and thank you for stopping by for a browse. 

Hi, I'm Lisa

After years of spending far too much money on clothes I hardly wore, I decided to try and create a minimalist wardrobe. I sorted through my clothes and listed all my unwanted items on Depop.

After a few weeks, the clothes started to sell and I was in my element making money on clothes rather than spending money on them. Once I ran out of everything of my own to sell I decided to look for some vintage pieces. 

This is when Fierce Petite started to grow. At first I found it really hard to find decent vintage but with experience and a bit of trial and error it got easier and I enjoyed the challenge. Looking back I think I turned my shopping addiction around to work in business. 

With the growth of my Depop and Instagram I felt it was time to take the next step and make it easier for you to purchase the clothes you see on my Instagram. 

With a lot of help form my partner Olly we have created Fierce Petite. Now you can browse through Instagram to purchase direct from my website.