Our Story

Welcome to the world of Fierce Petite and thank you for stopping by!

The Beginning

Hi, I'm Lisa

This is going to sound made up but I decided to have a clear-out of my wardrobe one day. I sorted through my clothes along with a couple of bags of clothing my cousin had given me when she moved house, and listed all my unwanted items on Depop.

After a few weeks, the clothes started to sell and I just loved it. I was in my element making up outfits and styling them ready to list for sale. I was running out of my own clothes to sell, but I definitely needed more of this action!

As I was already shopping myself for vintage, I then decided to look for some vintage pieces to sell. No need to stop something if you enjoy it. At first I found it really hard to find decent vintage in volume,  but after some trial and error with different wholesalers I eventually found one we worked well with and we almost exclusively use them to this day. I do love a good longstanding relationship. 

Going it alone 

So I gradually built up the Depop store, slowly gaining in followers, sales and working on my Instagram. Then one day at work,  my phone was on my desk and lit up with an Instagram notification, then another and another again and again. I guess the algorithm liked me and had picked me up. 

The next few months were a blur but whilst working full time, as well as running  my Depop shop we gained 50K followers on Instagram which really helped my Depop. (Blue tick time, Thank you)

Now I know I'm generating the sales from my Instagram and thought what if we built a website? Well to give you an idea, we made it live in the morning ready to tell people in the evening and we were making sales already. Literally hadn't told anyone yet. This was a dream come true. 


So I guess its time to take the plunge and leave my job. It was a scary move but if you don't take the next step you wont get anywhere right? 

The Present

Fast forwards a couple of years and we have sold thousands of vintage pieces and have had thousands of happy customers. (Thank you all, it means the world to me).

Now for the next step, this year we started releasing Rework. These are made by sometimes taking multiple items of clothes that have damage, cutting out the damaged parts and putting them back together to make one unique piece. This saves the item from a landfill future and gives it a future.   



We are also ready to start bringing you our own designs. Made to fit well, from ethically sourced materials these items are kinder to the environment than their fast fashion equivalents and built to last. They will be the vintage of tomorrow! Stay tuned for more product drops as we spend the year expanding what we offer. As well as many years to come of bringing you great one off vintage pieces, reworked items and our own branded items.